Are you committed to shaping your future, making the world around you virtual and smart – do you actively use intelligent systems or do you have another digital talent? Then take part in the „international competition Make-IT Digital Talent 2024“ as part of the Berlin city partnership and, with a bit of luck, win one of the prizes.

Our everyday lives and the world of work are undergoing profound changes as a result of digitalization and advances in artificial intelligence. Traditional tasks are being automated, while new occupational fields are emerging.

To ensure that young people remain „state of the art“ in the future, we need to constantly adapt to innovative digital systems and skills. For example, it is crucial to promote key skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, as these are difficult to replicate by machines. At the same time, technical skills, especially in dealing with digital technologies and AI, need to be taught more.

At Make-IT, we provide incentives for digital projects as a forward-looking method in vocational orientation and vocational training and promote international educational exchange as part of the city partnership.

Il passo giusto verso il futuro

I partecipanti hanno la possibilità di presentare un lavoro a loro scelta che dimostri le loro capacità nell’ambito della digitalizzazione negli ambiti

Trasformazione dei processi: Rendere i processi più sostenibili, sicuri e semplici attraverso la digitalizzazione.

Sviluppo hardware e software: Sviluppare innovativi e personalizzati che possono risolvere problemi e migliorare l’adattamento ai sistemi esistenti.

Apprendimento digitale: Creare nuovi strumenti e idee di apprendimento.

MAKE-IT – DigitalTalents 2024 – Eurocultura Mobilità Internazionale

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22th November 2024