For the collaborative training of metal and electrical professions, an augmented reality application...
Reactivation and upcycling of an old Festo MPS by adding a material return system. Digital upgrade of the sorting through an alternative control, IoT and UI.
By acquiring in-depth knowledge of new digital technologies, trainees should become enthusiastic about Industry 4.0,...
3D printing optimisation through process analysis, sensors, process monitoring and system enhancements
Digitization of a model of the traffic tower of Potsdamer Platz Berlin, using IoT technologies.
By using a digital configurator options can be displayed in a user-friendly manner and individualizations can be made possible.
In this project, we have developed approaches to address some of the project of mobility issues that arose during the Covid 19 pandemic.
Collaborative development of an innovative learning model to convey digital competences in the automotive sector
machine that can seperate small parts (such as Lego) by color. Fully automated, from throw in till sorted in a box. Trying to implement an AI
trash can, which can drive and that can be controlled via an interface (probably call phone) to yourself (manually and to two automatic locations). For a single type of simple garbage (like plastic); no lid